You can listen to some of my thoughts on poetry and activism in this episode of Nonviolence Radio, produced by Stephanie Van Hook of the Metta Center for Nonviolence, in April 2017: https://mettacenter.org/radio/poetry-in-activism/


  • Mass Remembrance,” winner of the North Bay Bohemian’s 2013 Fall Fiction contest.


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  1. Hi Amy,

    I read your poem about Kellyanne Conway posted on Rattle this morning. It moved me so much in a surprising and unexpected way that I found this page and read some of your other work and decided to post a comment. Your writing is intriguing and beautiful to me. When I began reading, “Yesterday We Were Asked to Write From a Place of #Revolutionary Love So I Tried to Write a Love Poem to Kellyanne,” I thought it would just be cheeky or not move me too much, but the ending was so true and riveting and gorgeous. It stopped my breath, which is always the sign that I’ve read a good poem. You wrote just as I have been watching and perceiving her too and helped me to think of her more deeply- the great gift I think of sharing poetry. So, thank you.

    • Dear Terri,
      I have shivers, actually, reading your comment, because of course this is every writer’s dream, to touch that place of understanding and emotion. Thank you so much for sticking with it despite its cheeky title, and thanks for exploring my other writing. It’s so important to me to actually reach people – I am pretty unabashed about that. Audiences matter! So I thank you, deeply.
      All the best in these complicated times –

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