I want to write a poem
about silence
just like almost every other poet ever
and am of course twisted
up immediately in words
but here is why
I want to write a poem about silence


all sorts of silencers
metal ones and flesh ones
and metal ones that cut flesh
with their non-sound
and flesh ones who want
you to hold your tongue

I want to write a poem
about the way I lost
my breath
when a friend told me
the deep state
wants to ban guns
wants silence
so they can control

all the sound

last night making love
with my husband
I thought I don’t need
all my past moments
or all my future moments
to be here in this moment
I just need this moment
and that’s much better
I don’t need

to know what the deep
state wants
I just want this moment
here knowing
my children are alive

I want this not quite
this fish burble
car horn
cat scratch
this center
of a complicated
yet beautiful



© Amy Elizabeth Robinson




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